How to become famous on Stardoll

Every one on Stardoll wants the fame, the fashion, and the friends. Now when I say friends were talking 150 friends online for chat at a time. When I say fashion, I mean you being able to buy ANYTHING you want. When I say fame I mean when you look at your latest visitors and how long ago they visited it will be on a range from 1-15 minutes every time you log in. Trust me, what I’m about to tell you is happening to me. Why? Well let me tell you, I made these tactics up and used them. I know what goes on and I’ll show you on this page.

Now, I know you want fame, fashion, and friends on Stardoll. BUT, Let me ask you, how bad do you want it? What are you going to do with it? Become CG? Become top designer? Have the hottest album? Scenery? What? Something you should know is some of the most popular people on Stardoll are over the age of 18. Were talking possibly actual artists, designers, and professionals. I know your thinking, how can I compete with that? Well let me tell you some requirements to leveling up to them, most likely not as great as them, but somewhere close.

You can’t just become famous, it takes time and effort. Some requirements are below for the fame:

  • Over 100 stardollars
  • Go on stardoll frequently
  • Have over 300 starpoints

Ok, you probably freaked out and got sad for some of the requirements. Please, I’ll repeat, PLEASE don’t stop reading. You can get this stuff by what I’ll tell you. (I’ll go down the list by the next paragraphs, you can skip the reading until the requirement help paragraphs end)


My friend, dont freak out about your superstar sickness. I know you probably dont have superstar but I have a cure! I’ve been using it for 4 months now and am building on. If you’ve been hacked or been cheated on by others promising you superstar let me tell you THIS IS REAL USE IT! It’s called prizerebel, click here to visit it, its a site where you do surveys and get a FREE stardoll giftcard in a matter of days. UGH, you’re probably thinking right now, but this is the ONLY way to get superstar FREE! I’m not joking. Here are these easy steps to a FREE stardoll giftcard:

  1. Register
  2. Click email confirmation
  3. Do surveys until you get 10 points
  4. Go to prizes, click on the stardoll giftcard and click the claim button.
  5. Wait 2-5 days and then check your email and get the code
  6. Log on stardoll, click on the superstar membership sign, scroll down and copy and paste and BAM superstar and 300 stardollars!

I am a testimonial for this! No joke! Check me out on stardoll by clicking here! My account is built up by doing surveys on prizerebel. Please listen to me, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME SUPERSTAR FOR FREE!

Why 100 stardollars?

You might be wondering: why do I need 100 stardollars?One reason: You need more clothes or a better suite design. Also when you make a scenery or album, you have more items to use. Get CREATIVE and make something beautiful! Dont be afraid to show your style! Who knows? Maybe you might start a new stardoll trend.

Why 300 Starpoints?

You don’t need 300 starpoints but it can help you. What you want is to create a hot club. Once you have a hot club that means you’ll have more visitors. Im talking A LOT of visitors. BUT only some have hot clubs. You dont need a club, but it can sure help.


Alright, so lets say now you have a beautiful doll, suite,album,scenery, and possibly some designs. You have all this nice stuff but… there’s no visitors or comments every day. Listen closely to what I have to say. Broadcasting SUCKS! It gives you hardly any visitors and your wasting your money unless you have 10,000 stardollars! And still its a waste! The only, hardly, exception to broadcasting  is if you have really great designs like me. Designers are the ONLY exception to broadcasting. BUT Ive broadcasted so much and I hardly earn any, I usually earn, well, subtracting 4 from my buy then 5 for broadcasting plus 8 for the sale… Thats -1 stardollars a sale. THATS HORRIBLE! You want to make a profit if your designing! Again I must say DONT BROADCAST! I’ve seen TONS of stardoll users get so mad because they wasted all their money to become covergirl and didn’t get it. Just dont, Im saving you there.

So, you may ask… How can I become something like CG without broadcasting? Well, this is very easy, all you have to do is comment in EVERYONES guestbook. I do it when I sell because not just the owner of the gb sees it, EVERYONE sees it. Then they’ll visit and people will add you as a friend and vote you. It only takes 30 seconds per comment so its not hard at all. And be nice, or else no one visits.

Lets see now you have FAME, FRIENDS, and hopefully FASHION. So I hoped I helped you and check out my designs and add me as a friend on stardoll please 😀 Click the link below to visit my account:

Please dont ask me to any of this for you, I love you all but I dont have the time myself. Sorry, but keep it beautiful fellow stardoll users 😀


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